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“Uh huh honey
I fucked I fucked him
And I have to tell you my eyes have collapsed
They are burning red
They’re itchy as hell and I do not give a care
I do not give a shit
200 miles
200,000 miles I do want to drive those miles
I am sad and scared and I miss
The feeling of fists,
the feeling of heartbreak
the feeling of making things better
without help.
I miss knowing things would be okay
but I have misplaced love and the way
you taste.
Another game another stranger
Laying sweating in my sheets,
Before I puke up last night’s
Version of you
I’ll do it anyway so it makes no difference
I can’t be fucked
To make a fuss
I’ll sing and swing and drink
I’d rather be dancing
Than sitting around
And washing my face in the sink
[Insert my chemical romance lyrics here]
no no no no no no no” — my friends and i all got drunk and wrote this poem together and i haven’t read it yet so here it is  (via allmymetaphors)


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smashmouth was right… so much to do, so much to see